Other Misc. Course Work:
1) Jan 24 How I made my blog
2) Jan 31 Teachers as Master Learners
3) Feb 2 Blog-Cyber infrastructure/Facelifts
4) Feb 6 Roll With the Changes Blog Post
4) Feb 8 Web 2.0
5) Feb 9 Ed Parkour
6) Feb 9 Aggregate Feed
7) Feb 9 (also printed and handed to you) Twitter Following
8) Responses to fellow DS106ers (Feb 23):RadioLab Death Mask Heretics (Un)Interesting Story
9) Responses to fellow DS106ers (Feb 29): May I take our order Birthdayy
10) Responses to Learning to Blog: "It's the Empowerment, Stupid!"
"What Did You Create Today?"
"Failing Our Kids"
"The Real Cuts and Scrapes.."
"Don't, Don't, Don't vs. Do, Do, Do
11) Response on class discussion with Will Richardson on Ning: Discussion
12) My Blog Post of Will Richardson: Post
13) Blog Post on Online Collaboration
14) Blog post on Information Fluency
15) Blog post on Digital Citizenship

10 Stars of VIsual Assignments Feb 14
A Hint of Color
Cat Breading
Unlikely to Meet

10 Stars of Design Assignments Feb 21
The Big Picture
Clever Caption

2 Stars of Audio Assignment Feb 29
May I Take Your Order?

The Daily Create

DC 1 (Jan 26) Ugly to Beautiful: Dead Rose TDC16

DC 2 (Feb 2) Silhouette Me! TDC24

DC 3 (Feb 9) Happiest Moment: 21! TDC31

DC 4 and 5 (Feb 16) Something Aspired To Be TDC32
Hand Emhasis TDC34

DC 6 and 7 (Feb 18) My Strength Tattoo TDC035
How Old I Feel TDC38

DC 8 (Feb 23) A Bird TDC39

DC 9 (Feb 25) Where My Name Comes From TDC48

DC 10 (March 13) Where I do my Creative WorkTDC65

DC 11 (March 16) Beauty TDC68

Girl Talk Radio Show!

Media Literacy Assignment:
ML Assign.
ML Assign. II

Twitter Chat Assignment:
Blog Post

Creating Assignments Format: Date/Link to assignment/Link to your sample submission