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Mandatory Posts

Jan. 24, Post on the Process

Jan. 31, Teachers as Master Learners

Feb. 2, Digital Facelifts

Feb. 6, My Digital Story + Web 2.0 Storytelling Post

Feb 9, Ed Parkour Blog Post

Feb. 9, Feed Aggregator

Feb. 9, Print out of Twitter Followers

March 1, A Teachable Moment: GarageBand Edition (1st Reflection)

March 19, The Inside Scoop on KAV Radio (Show & 2nd Reflection)

Apr. 9, Collaboration Atricle

Apr. 10, TwitterChat

Apr. 11, Information Fluency

Apr. 14, Digital Citizenship

Other Blog Posts

Jan. 24, A Beginnin' to Bloggin'

Jan. 30, Writer's Notebook

Feb. 1, A Video on Technology

Feb. 8, Semiotics & Meaning

Feb. 23, Education is Our Weapon

March 27, MissRepresentation

March 28, Media Literacy Education

April 2, Recommended Read

April 9, 20th & 21st Century Teachers

April 19, Critical Reading

April 29, Moving!

Comments to Other Blogs

Feb. 23, ITEACH Blog

Feb. 26, iFED Blog

Feb. 26, InteRANT Tolerance (I commented on this blog, but the blog has since been removed, I think)

Mar. 31, The Weekly Update

Apr. 14, Hola, Como Estas: Music Mashups


Feb. 14, Ten stars of Visual Assignments:

Common Objects (2 stars)

Blackout Poetry (3 stars each, 6 total)

Buddy Photo (2 stars)

Picturing Prufock (3 stars)

*13 stars total

Feb. 21, Ten stars of Design Assignments:

Truthful Movie Poster (3 stars)

Guess That Tune (2 stars)

PostSecret (2 stars)

On This Day... (2 stars)

My Philosophy (2 stars)

*11 stars total

March 1, Two stars of Audio Assignments:

Spam Me (1 star) and Accent Order (2 stars)

*3 stars total

Daily Creates

Daily Create 1: From Ugly to Beautiful TDC16 (Jan. 24)

Daily Create 2: Flickering Fire Frozen TDC23 (Jan. 31)

Daily Create 3 & 4: Where Things Come to Get Lost TDC030 (Feb. 7) AND My Hand TDC34 (Feb. 11)

Daily Create: 5 & 6: Unconventional Food TDC36 (Feb.13) AND How Old I Feel TDC38 (Feb. 15)

Daily Create 7 & 8: My Name Backwards TDC45 (Feb. 22) AND Cookin' Up Some Food TDC45 (Feb. 23) AND Pink TDC47

Daily Create 9 & 10: My Hand Drawing Another Hand TDC53 (March 1) AND Circle of Emotion TDC60 (March 8)

Daily Create 11: This Door, That Door TDC70 (March 18)

Media Literacy Project

Assignment I: Nike commerical

Assignment II

Tutorials (2 required)

April 30, Twitter Chat Made Simple!

April 30, Looking to Move? Here's How!

Participation in Will Richardson Blog discussion (5 required)

Mar. 25, A Blurry Future Remains, But What Do We Actually Know?

Mar. 28, Learning is Better When It's a Social Experience

April 14, Deal With It

April 14, A New Age Challenge

April 16, Do Kids Have a Future without Schools?

Other Posts on 21st Century NING

Jan. 25, Teachers as Master Learners
Jan. 29, Students as Master Learners
Mar. 21, Discussion with Will Richardson

Facilitation of Will Richardson blog discussion (1 required)

Posted March 31, due April 3, Unlearning to Teach

Multimodal Assignment for ELA Classroom

due Apr. 24, Teacher Collaboration

Professional e-Folio

April 19, My Weebly &