Other Misc. Course Work

Post on blog set up (Jan 24)
Blog post about the CREATION OF MY BLOG

Teachers as Master learners response (1/31)
Blog post about Web 2.0 and Teachers as Master Learners

Blog about Digital Facelifts and Cyber-Infrastructure (2/2)
Blog post on Digital Facelifts and Personal Cyber-Infrastructure

Digital storytelling using cogdog’s 50 tools (2/6) + post
Link to assignment
Link to my blog about it

Blog or respond to Ed Parkour post (2/9)
Blog post on Ed Parkour

Feed aggregator (2/9 – Screen shot)

Print out of Twitter followers (2/9)
Printed and handed in.

Twitter Chat (4/10)
Participation in Twitter Chat Blog post
Archived Tweets
Participation in #Edchat on Twitter (4/3/2012)
Archived tweets from #Edchat on my blog

Online Collaboration (4/10)
Blog Post

Information Fluency, Digital Footprints and Digital Citizenship (4/12)
Blog post

Miss Representation/ Everything is a Remix
Radio Show (3/ 20)
blog post about process
link to Three Chicks and a Dude Radio Show
Ten minute Pod Cast of process

Media Literacy Assignment

[Partners' Full Names]: [TheGenre/MediumYouChose] Media Literacy Assignment
Victoria Heney & Bridgette Metzinger/ iPhone Cell Phone Ads
I. Analysis of medium, mode, affordances, and message [<<<Link this text to your first Google Doc]
II. Assignment [<<<Link this text to your second Google Doc]

Multimodal Assignment for ELA Classroom (Teacher Collaboration Assignment)

Due: April 17, 2012/ Link to Live Binders

Digital Story (final project)

Format: Date/link to project/link to reflective blog

(Fenruary 13, 2012/ My Digital Story/

Professional e-Folio

Format: Date/link to your e-folio

April 16, 2012/ link to my e-folio Heney_efolio_reflection

Participation in Will Richardson Blog discussion (5 required)
Format: Date/ link to your post
1.) April 3, 2012/ Angry Bird or Twitter Bird?
2.) April 4, 2012/ Social Learning
3.) April 4, 2012/ The Unlearning Curve
4.) April 8, 2012/ Deal with It
5.) April 12, 2012/ Think Again

Facilitation of Will Richardson blog discussion (1 required) April 24
April 23, 2012/ link to my blog post

Tutorials (2 required)
Format: Date/Link to assignment
April 12, 2012/ Tutorial: How to add a Twitter Tools Plugin to your WordPress
April 16, 2012/ Tutorial: How to Create a Tumblr Account**

Analyzing Movie Scene
blog post

Ten stars of Visual Assignments (2/14)

1. Photo is like Peanut Butter-- link to DS106 assignment ( 3 Stars )
My blog post-- Let there be Light
2. Switch up the mood-- link to DS106 assignment ( 2 Stars )
My blog post-- Mission Switch up the mood
3. Mission Defamiliarize-- link to the DS106 assignment ( 3 Stars )
My blog post-- Mission: Defamiliarize
4. Return to the Scene of the Crime-- link to the DS106 assignment ( 3 Stars )
My blog post--

Ten stars of Design Assignments (2/21)
1. Cartoon You- link to DS106 Assignment page ( 2 Stars )
My blog post-- Cartoon You
2. Design the Cover of your Autobiography ( 2 Stars )
My blog post-- The Best is Yet to Come-- My Autobiography
3. Alternative Book Covers ( 2 Stars )
My blog post-- A New Something Borrowed
4. A place I've Never Been ( 2 Stars )
My blog post-- Morocco-- A Place I've Never Been
5. Minimalize your Philosophy ( 2 Stars )
**My Blog Post--** Festeggiare, Celebrar, Célébrer…★★

Two Stars of Audio Assignments

May I take your Order? --Link to DS 106 assignment (2 stars)
Blog post about it

Digital Story Telling Assingment

Assignment/ post

Daily Creates (16 Done as of March 25, 2012)
Format: Week #/ Link to your DC/Link to the DC assignment page
Example: Week 3 Story of feet TDC26
Daily create 1 (Jan 26) + blog post
Week #1/ Photo where movement of camera creates a blue effectBlog post
Daily Create 2 (2/2) + blog post
Week #2/ Photo that freezes or isolates the motion of an objectBlog post
Daily create 3 (2/9) + blog post
Week #3/ Photo of something upside down that is never seen that wayBlog post
Daily creates 4 & 5 (2/16) + blog post
Week #4/ Photo that represents something you aspire to be one day.Blog post
Week #4/ Photo that emphasizes the detail of a human handBlog post
Week #4/ Got tats? Photograph your own or someone else's cool tattoo

Daily creates 6 & 7 (2/23) + blog post

Week #5/Sweet like candy to my soulI can't post a picture of my tattoo to my blog due to personal reasons.
Week #5/Food being served in an unconventional way-- link to DS106 assignmentBlog post

Week #5/Photograph of a toy in action-- link to DS106 assignmentBlog post

Week #5/Take a photo of an object that represents how old you feelBlog post

Week #5/February 22, 2012 The Daily Create-- Say Your Name Backwards Link to DS106 AssignmentMy Video Recording!Blog post
Take a photo of something that represents your favorite smellblog post
March 10, 2012 Take a picture inside of something looking out- Link to DS106 assignmentBlog post
March 11, 2012 Celebrate Religious Architecture- Link to DS106 assignmentBlog post
March 21, 2012 Emphasize the color yellowblog post to come
March 25, 2012 Without using your face take a self portrait describing youBlog post to come

Comments on four NON-Cortland students in DS106 (Daily Creates/ Blog Posts)

27 February 2012 at 8:51 pm
So, for my English 307 class that I am taking in collaboration with the DS106 class, I actually have to respond to other students work. When I designed my own “Places I’ve Never Been,” I actually used yours as my inspiration. I absolutely loved how you incorporated different textures, colors, patterns and images into India. What you’ve done looks professional and I just wanted to commend you personally on your work because without it, I don’t quite know how mine would have come out. My creation of Morocco( http://timeeofyourlife.com/?p=120 )looks quite similar to yours, so thank you for your creativity!!
Comment on wanderthisworld.com
So, I'm actually taking the same DS106 class as you, but I go to school in New York and my class is actually called English 307, which is a media literacy course. I just stumbled upon your blog after looking over the #ds106 twitter page and your "The Story Behind Bird Photo" caught my eye. I was in Sevilla, Espana last Spring, in the same park your photos are from. I wish I was able to experience this crazy bird frenzy, although I probably would have been the first person to dodge any such bird sitting on my shoulder. I don't know what type of birds those actually are, but they're actually pretty to look at, unlike the pigeons that I encountered in front of St. Marks in Venice. So, I'm glad you were able to conquer your fears because your pictures are amazing!!!
Response to blog.fengshui0.me
I’m actually taking an English 307 class through my college in New York in collaboration with the DS106 course and I stumbled upon your post on “Wake up and Dream.” I listened to a majority of the podcast before reading your post and I found this story to be such a thrilling, stimulating, yet eerie scenario. It made me think of my own dreams, and how I too undergo lucid dreaming, which sort of freaks me out a little bit. This is such a cool concept to speak about and share and I’m so glad I found your page! Thanks you sharing!
ReplyVictoria on February 28, 2012 at 3:25 am
Response to dminter720.org
So, I’m also taking a variation of the DS106 course, but from my University in New York. I just wanted to tell you that I love your Daily Create of “food being eaten in an unconventional way!” I saw this photo on DS106 and thought it was hilarious, children always tend to find their way to entertain others around them. It’s so great tha you were able to capture this unique twist on how to sip, or rather “chug” chicken noodle soup.
TTNW ch 5 307 post
This just in passengers: were arriving at blog station

To Be Done

Creating Assignments (extra credit)
Format: Date/Link to assignment/Link to your sample submission