Other Misc. Course Work

Format: Date/Link to assignment/link as relevant

Post on blog set up (Jan 25)

Teachers as Master learners response (1/31)

Blog about Digital Facelifts (2/2)

Digital storytelling using cogdog’s 50 tools (2/6) + post

Blog or respond to Ed Parkour post (2/9)

Feed aggregator (2/9 – Screen shot)

Print out of Twitter followers (2/9)

Twitter Chat (4/9)

Digital citizenship (4/17)


Ten stars of Visual Assignments (2/14)

2/14/Assignment / Album cover/Two Stars
2/14. Assignment/ Picturing Prufrock/ Three Stars
2/14/ Assignment / Common Everyday object/Two stars
2/14. Assignment/ Normal to extraordinary/ Three Stars

Ten stars of Design Assignments (2/21)
2/19/ Assignment/ Alternative book cover/ Two stars
2/19/ Assignment/ My Autobiography cover/ Two stars
2/19/ Assignemnt/ Movie poster/ Three stars
2/19/ Assignment/ Name that tune/ Three Stars

2/29 Assignment/ Over dramatic reading/ Two Stars

Daily Creates

Format: Week #/ Link to your DC/Link to the DC assignment page

Week 1: Show us your key chain and tell us about the keys and things you have on it / tdc017
Week 2: Make a creative photo silhouette by aiming the camera into a bright light/ tdc24
Week 3: Take a photo of something upside down that is never seen that way/ tdc29
Week 4: Share an image of a place that you lose things in your house/tdc030
Week 4: Create a photograph that represents the happiest or most memorable moment in your life/ tdc31
Week 4: Take a photo that emphasizes the detail of the human hand/ tdc34
Week 5: Take a photo of a food being served or eaten in an unconventional way/ tdc36
Week 5: Take a photograph of a toy in action/tdc37
Week 5: Take a photo that represents how old you feel/tdc38
Week 6: Take a photo of your most prized possession/tdc41
Week 6: Using your voice as the only instrument record a verse or chorus of your favorite song/tdc44
Week 6: Say your name backwards/ tdc45
Week 7: Take a photo that features your favorite color/tdc47
Week 7: Take a photo depicting your favorite type of weather/ tdc49
Week7: Its February 29. Take a photo leaping. Or a leaping photo/ tdc52
Week 9: Celebrate religious architecture with a photo of your favorite temple, mosque, church, etc/ tdc63
Week 9: Make an artistic photo that includes one of your own toes/tdc67
Week 10: Windows, gates, and doors represent the liminal state between two realities. Photograph that idea./ tdc70
Week 10: Take a photo that emphasizes the color yellow

Tutorials (2 required)

4/30 Soundcloud
4/30 Flikr

Creating Assignments

Participation in Will Richardson Blog discussion(5 required)

February 27/I am the 68%- so what about the other 32%

Facilitation of Will Richardson blog discussion(1 required)

March 14/ Feeling creative? You better be!

Media Literacy Project
4/4/12 Heyden and Morello Websites Assignment

Multimodal Assignment for ELA Classroom

4/20/12 LiveBinders link

Professional e-Folio

4/25 Emily Heyden e-Folio